Certified Diving

 Luxury Dive Packages Fiji.

Come and experience some of the world’s premier dive sites, located just off the white sand shores of Qamea Resort & Spa and nearby Tavenui Island. Qamea’s fully PADI accredited 5 Star dive operation features such world-class dive sites as the Purple Wall, Qamea Freeway, Playground Reef and many more.

Most of our dive sites are within ten minutes of the resort, so you will not waste valuable holiday time on a dive boat. We also offer charter dives to the world renowned White Wall and Rainbow Reef in the Somosomo Straits, and to the stunning Yellow Wall.

Our dive facility features high quality and professionally maintained BCDs, regulators, and dive computers and a variety of long and short wetsuits.  Our friendly, experienced, fully qualified and safety-conscious dive team will guide you through some of the most spectacular reefs that northern Fiji has to offer.

Whether for fun diving or photography, Qamea Resort & Spa can cater to your every need.  For more information on diving at Qamea, contact reservations@qamea.com.

  • Dive Sites

    “Qamea Shore”: Great for a shake-out dive and a night dive is a must! Resident lionfish occupy two separate coral heads. Anemones with anemone fish and live eggs, cowries can be found in the shallow water, sightings of occasional eagle ray’s, moray eels, white tip sharks and turtles, Depth: 16-70ft,5-20 meters

    “Fish patch”: Very appropriately named as you will be greeted by schools of Fusiliers, Chromis, Anthias, butterfly fish, parrotfish and many more, this site has a variety of hard corals particularly very large table corals, some the size of a small car. Depth: 30-70ft,10-20 meters

    “The Caves”: Large cathedral caverns at 25ft complete with a swim through tunnel. If you like underwater photography this is a great site to snap the sunlight rays shining through the opening of the caverns onto the resident squirrel fish, there are also many soft corals, large tridacna clams and many varieties of tropical fish. Depth: 16-90ft,5-30 meters

    “Vatu Balavu”: Large schools of the angel fish species, wrasse and black spotted puffers living amongst the healthy hard and soft corals. Regular sightings of white tip reef sharks and turtles. Depth: 35-90ft,10-30 meters

    “Chief’s Garden”: Also in the same reef system as The Caves breath taking hard corals, clams, nudibranchs and the occasional moray eels and turtles sighting on a nice gentle drift. Depth: 40-80ft,12-24 meters

    “The Playground”: The perfect place to do fish ID and with corals as far as the eye can see this site is a visual beauty with a patch of resident garden eels. Depth: 40-80 ft,12-24 meters

    “Midway Reef”: This site is filled with healthy hard and soft corals including enormous 12ft brain corals and large tridacna clams and abundant in fish life. Depth: 30-65ft, 10-20 meters

    “Horseshoe Bay”: This site offers a respite for easy diving; the site structure is as the name suggests and offers protection from incoming winds it has many corals over hangs a lot of fun to dive under, we commonly sight eagle rays here. Depth: 16-70ft, 5-20mtrs

    “Mariah’s Cove”: One of the walls are thick with a concentration of soft corals, large patch of garden eels, frequent sightings of resident 6ft white tip shark, and swirling schools of striped mackerels feeding off the drop-off. Depth: 35-65ft, 10-20mtrs

    “Swirling Coconut”: (Vara Niu is Fijian name; also known as “Still Waters”); Currents can be swift. Exciting and fish active drift. Descend among a school of chevron barracudas, lush soft corals, and numerous large schools of tropical fish. White tips are common. Mid-way, the dive swirls around two large pinnacles with large concentrations of purple soft corals and swarms of orange anthias. At the end of dive, there are 2-3 baby white tip sharks resting in the sand under a large coral head. Depth: 40-90ft, 13-30mtrs

    “Purple Wall”: Three separate vertical walls with thick concentrations of purple soft corals. Currents can be fast but therefore the fish activity is great. We have seen more banded sea snakes here than other sites. Depth: 45-65ft, 15-18mtrs

    “Suthu”: A large pinnacle resembling a woman’s breast begins at 30 feet. Large schools of all types of tropical fish. Currents can be strong and change as divers circle the pinnacle. Best dived at slack low tide. Depth: 30-65ft, 8-18mtrs

    “Lost Reef”: Another large pinnacle near Suthu. Top of reef is also 30 feet but slopes down to over 100 feet. A school of chevron barracuda are usually seen. Divers are engulfed in large schools of fusiliers and jacks as they cascade over the top of the pinnacle. Large sea fans and soft corals abound. Currents are similar but a bit stronger than at Suthu. Large colonies of blue tipped anemones with anemone fish on the lee side of pinnacle. Depth: 30-90ft, 8-30mtrs

    “South Passage”: Divers are dropped off at the outer edge of the fringing reef on the southern side of Qamea. A short swim underwater across a sand patch to a parallel reef. Divers follow along the top drifting with a mild current. Sea grapes abound, white tip reef sharks are common and large schools of shy, bumphead parrot fish occasionally cruise by. Depth: 45-80ft, 13-25mtrs

    “Please Note: Most dive sites in Qamea have some current present. This can range from a barely noticeable current to one where fining is required! Our Dive team will brief you fully on the dive site conditions and our Diving in Currents tips are available from the Dive Bure”

  • Dive Rates

    • 1-tank Dive* FJD $135
    • 2-tank Dive* FJD $225
    • 3-tank Dive* FJD $350
    • 6-tank Dive Package FJD $775
    • 10-tank Dive Package* FJD $1200

    • Night Dive Surcharge (includes torch) FJD $50
    • Unguided Shore Dive** FJD $45 per tank
    • Nitrox Tank EAN 32*** FJD $30 per tank

    * 10 dive package includes complimentary equipment rental
    ** Complimentary with 10 tank package; must be certified by dive instructor as competent to dive with dive buddy; must carry dive float.
    *** Nitrox surcharge is in addition to the tank charge

    Gear Hire (per day) free gear hire for 10 or more Dive Packages:
    • Full Gear Hire FJD $70
    • Wetsuit Only FJD $25
    • Regulator FJD $25
    • BCD FJD $25
    • Mask/Fins/Snorkel Complimentary

    PADI Scuba Instruction (includes equipment hire):

    Discover Scuba Diving FJD $150 / FJD $295 (pool session or pool session + shore dive)

    Discover Scuba Add-On Dives FJD $250 1 tank dive/FJD $430 2 tank dive

    Scuba Diver Course FJD $695 (Pool session + 2 shore dive)

    Full Open Water Course FJD $950 (Academics, pool session + 4 dives)

    E-Learning Open Water Course FJD $825 (Pool session + 4 dives)

    Referral Course FJD $700 (Initial assessment + 4 dives)

    Advanced Open Water Course FJD $795 (5 dives)

    Rescue Diver Course FJD $875 (Academics, pool session + 2 dives)

    Specialty Diver Course FJD $595 (# of dives varies on specialty)

    Nitrox Specialty Course FJD $500 (Includes 2 Nitrox tanks)

    Refresher FJD $180 (Academic review, pool session + 1 shore dive)

    Please note these prices do not include 14% Fijian Taxes.

  • Dive Charters

    Somosomo Dive Charter

    Spend the day diving the world-famous Somosomo Strait, more commonly known as “Rainbow Reef.” Explore this stunning area which has given Fiji the reputation of being the soft coral capital of the world! This area, which is on the northwestern side of Taveuni, includes iconic sites such as *The Great White Wall, and Rainbow’s End. Enjoy 2 or 3 dives, with a picnic-style lunch on a deserted beach between dives 2 and 3. Please note this charter is weather dependent and operates with a maximum of 14 divers.

    *The Great White Wall dive site is very tide dependent and only possible to dive on select days of each month.

    Somosomo charter surcharge is FJD $900 + tax per trip

    This does not include the dives, air or nitrox tanks, equipment rental, or lunch.

    Yellow Wall Dive Charter

    Dive Nothern Fiji’s renowned Yellow Wall! A steep ridge rising from the middle of the seafloor covered in fluffy, yellow carnation corals. After two stunning dives, guests return to the resort in time for lunch. Please note this charter is weather dependent and operates with a maximum of 14 divers.

    Yellow Wall is very tide dependent and only possible on certain tides each week.

    Yellow Wall charter surcharge is FJD $700 + tax per trip

    This does not include the dives, air or nitrox tanks, equipment rental, or lunch.

    Please note these prices do not include 14% Fijian Taxes.