Tours & Charters

Find the experience that makes you happy at Qamea Resort & Spa. Relax around the pool or picnic on a remote white sand beach. Crank up the adrenaline with an underwater adventure or hike the hills of Qamea Island. Get close with nature with a jungle trek or visit to one of Fiji’s famous Nature reserves.

Our activities coordinator is forever thinking of new and special activities depending on the season and interests of Qamea Resort guests.


Bouma National Waterfall Park

Enjoy the thrill of exploring this pristine Heritage Park. Here you can swim under spectacular waterfalls cascading through lush rainforest.

The trail to the first waterfall is relatively flat and is adjacent to a scenic river enshrouded with tropical foliage and flowers. The journey to the next two waterfalls will take you on a moderate climb of 100 feet (with stairs and railings where needed). Swimming in the tropical pools under any of the waterfalls is a pleasure enjoyed by all.


Lavena Nature Walk

Take an all day adventure walk at the filming location of the second Blue Lagoon movie.

This guided walk will take you along a white sandy beach with views onto beautiful rock pools. We will take you across two rivers and pass through villages before ascending a river valley past two beautiful waterfalls. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can slide down the water chute or jump into the rock pools from the high walls.


Circle Qamea

Qamea is Fiji’s 12th largest island and it’s most beautiful. As there are no roads on Qamea, the best and only practical way to take in all of its beauty is by way of a five-hour boat tour. The journey around Qamea Island leaves our resort at around 10:30 AM and returns at about 3:30pm. Along the way there will be several stops to view local attractions, snorkeling, and a picnic lunch or barbeque on a secluded beach.


Jungle Hikes & Bird Watching

The mountains and valleys of Qamea Island are a maze of greenery and dense tropical bush. An ancient network of paths crisscross the island, but it takes an experienced guide to find one’s way.

This jungle hike will immerse you in a tropical rainforest beneath a canopy of towering trees. Along the way your local guide will explain to you the history of the Island of Qamea, point out different species of flora and fauna such as the indigenous Qamea orange dove (bune), and answer any questions you might have.


Private Beach Picnic

Disappear to your own private beach for a few hours. We can take you to a secluded beach, reserved just for you!

We leave you with a delicious picnic and can also provide the beer and/or wine of your choice.  This remote picnic is a unique and stunning way to spend a few hours alone with your loved one.


Sport Fishing

Fishing the Fiji waters, in particular the abundant Taveuni Waters, have always been exciting and adventurous for both experienced and novice fishermen. Ask our team to organize a trip with one of our local charter captains a shot at the big one.