Culture Resort Fiji

We take pride in offering you the most authentic and beautiful Fijian experience.

Fiji culture is steeped in tradition and values and is a place of family and religion. In order to share our beautiful culture with you, Qamea Resort & Spa offers a number of activities centred around the local Fijian way of life including a traditional kava ceremony, meke and visits to local villages.

Fijians are proud of their culture and enjoy sharing it. Everyone is welcomed at Qamea Resort & Spa with staff wanting to get to know everyone and share in life experiences. By respecting customs and traditions you will always be a welcome guest in their villages and homes.

When visiting a village, it is important to dress modestly. Women should always have their shoulders and knees covered, a simple t-shirt & sulu (sarong) is customary. Do not wear a hat in a village as it is considered an insult to the chief and please remember to remove your shoes when invited into a building or a person’s house. Speak softly; raised voices are interpreted as expressing anger. Fijians do not point at one another with their hands, fingers or feet and it is considered offensive to Fijians to be touched on the head. Lastly, be cautious with praise, if you show too much of an appreciation for an object, Fijians feel obliged to offer it to you as a gift.

Most Fijians lead simple and stress free lives with high value placed upon spending time with family and loved ones. Fijian etiquette and culture are mostly unspoiled by modern day influences, and you will find that they are naturals at providing warmth, hospitality and kindness.

  • Kava Ceremony

    Throughout the evenings you will be invited to share with our band and guests in traditional kava drinking. For our weekly formal kava ceremony you are invited to watch and assist in the traditional method of pounding kava root into the fine powder by our local warriors. The ceremony has been handed down from generation to generation, and is a means to show respect and to welcome people into your home and heart.

  • Meke

    The local villagers regularly visit Qamea for a special treat — Meke. This traditional Fijian ceremony is a mix of food, dance, entertainment and song. Meke is the traditional way of passing history and legends from one generation to another through song and dance. Typical meke songs and dance depict the journey of the Fijian ancestors across the ocean in search of a homeland, as well as significant battles, joys and tears.

  • Sunday Church Service

    High on the hill overlooking the water is the Vatusogosogo Village Church. All guests are welcome to attend the church service on Sunday. The service is held in Fijian, the majority of which is beautiful choir and congregation singing.

  • Village Visits

    For an insider look at traditional Fijian village life, join us as we visit one of the local villages on Qamea Island. Prior to departure, guests will be informed of the cultural protocol when entering a village, and as part of the tour will look around the village and mix and mingle with the locals.