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Top 5 Reasons to Scuba Dive at Qamea Resort and Spa

 1. Amazing Corals

Our local dive sites – all within an earshot of the resort – house some of the most healthy, hard-coral gardens you will ever see.

The variety is vast, and you will fill your eyes with gigantic Acroporas of table and staghorn.

Or, go on one of our dive charters to the area of Fiji that has been coined ‘The Soft Coral Capital of the World!

Visit these world-renowned sites covered top to bottom in fluffy, Carnation corals of all colours.

Here, the reefs are never-ending!


2. Flexibility

As all our local dive sites are no more than a quick, 10-minute boat ride away, our daily dive excursions are all single-tank.
This gives you more freedom to choose when you want to dive.

You like to sleep in? No problem!

Choose the 11am and afternoon dive.

You only want to do one dive at 9am? Done!

This is also very convenient if your travel partner/spouse is not a diver, as you won’t be away for half the day.


3. PADI 5-Star Dive Centre

With this rating comes all the 5-star aspects such as;

  • Properly Maintained Equipment
  • Highly-Trained & Proficient Staff
  • We always keep Safety our Priority

Our staff undergo frequent skill review to stay updated and on top of their game, and our local dive guides have been diving these waters for ages!

Perhaps you want to get PADI certified

Or continue in your dive education?

We have extremely knowledgeable instructors with yeas of experience teaching beginners to advanced divers of all ages in a variety of dive environments.


4. No Crowds!

We are a small dive centre at an intimate, private resort; it’s not at all unusual to be the only diver on our boat, and 99 of 100 times, we will be the only dive boat you’ll see at our local dive sites.

When we have more than a handful of divers in house, you (or you and your dive buddy) will probably have your own dive guide, or at least stay comfortable and be taken care of as our maximum pairing is 4 divers to 1 guide.


5. Our 5-Star Resort

Though most divers would like to grow gills and stay underwater forever, eventually we must come up to the surface, and when we do, it’s nice when our other surroundings are as alluring and comfortable as the blue below.

Make your time above the surface equally delightful!