Yoga | Qamea Resort and Spa Fiji


Welcome to the most beautiful and inspiring Fiji yoga retreat. Qamea offers you the perfect backdrop for your personal yoga retreat, fused with light & healthy cuisine, stunning peaceful surrounds and our world famous Jungle Spa.

Yoga means union, a reference to the state of body-mind-spirit harmony sought through various disciplines such as postures and meditation, designed to access a state of greater peace & wholeness. Welcome your tropical days in with Sun Salutations in our dedicated Yoga Pavilion, with our resident Yogi and Dive Master Krista. Experience the heart and soul of our stunning island home, and start your days with gratitude and grace.

Qamea yoga is open to all levels of experience and is a wonderful way to start or finish the day with ease, calmness and clarity. Take your pick of independent classes during your stay with us, or contact us directly for options on a tailored spa & yoga retreat program just for you. We can even put the perfect surf & yoga package together to ensure sunrise yoga followed by empty glassy waves for you during the day.

For a truly indulgent and restorative experience, guests are encouraged to pair their yoga session with a spa treatment. The Jungle Spa at Qamea Resort offers a full menu of facials and body treatments.

Group Class (1 hour): FJ$45 per person

Private Session (1 hour): FJ$120 per person

These prices do not include 25% Fijian Taxes.