Meet the Qamea Team | Qamea Resort and Spa Fiji

Meet the Qamea Team

Nina Holmes – Sales and Marketing Manager

Favourite Thing About Qamea: The resort staff! I have never encountered such beautiful, happy, helpful and genuinely loving people. It feels like a family, and guests feel part of it from the moment their feet touch our divine white sands.

Must Do or See: Well I’m torn. Either the facials at the day spa – my favourite is the liftosome. Or ‘Meke’ which is the Fijian dance night. Both amazing! Gotta love a conga line!

Favourite Food: hands down the lobster. WOW! And funnily enough, eggs on toast. The best cooked eggs ever! It’s the small things in life that make one happy

Advice for Anyone Visiting Qamea: simply breathe and relax. Use every moment to discover something even more beautiful than you noticed a moment before… And cocktails! Life on an island resort just isn’t complete without a pina colada or two!

Chris Hamilton & Leah Sindel  – Resort General Managers

Favourite Thing About Qamea: In addition to the beautiful staff, & great food… the trees!  The grounds are full of the most amazing flora – from giant banyan trees, to colossal tree-ferns to orchids.  We love walking through the grounds.

Must Do or See: The bird watching!  Especially the incredibly brave Collared Kingfisher, who allows you to get so close to him, and the beautiful Fiji endemic orange dove that seems to love hanging around the resort.

Favourite Food: EASY.  Chris = the gourmet cheeseburger.  Leah = Indian lamb curry with chapattis & lentil dhal.

Advice for anyone visiting Qamea: Be sure join the village tour – a beautiful place full of beautiful people.

Lars and Krista – Resort Dive Managers

Favourite Thing About Qamea: The diving and working with our incredible dive staff! Not everyone will get to experience the “Soft Coral Capital of the World,” and we get to visit it often. A close second is the over-sized chess board. Game on!

Must Do or See: Besides diving, definitely the Waterfall Trek. So much luscious flora and fauna rewarded with a refreshing swim at the beautiful falls. Also, give a yoga class a go – you will never have a more beautiful yoga sala than what we have at Qamea.

Food: Lars votes for the creamy gnocchi, and Krista loves all the different soups at Qamea.

Advice For Anyone Visiting Qamea: Sit with the local band members in the evening, share some kava and listen to some great stories that go along with their beautiful music!


Lusia Wakoloilagi Colaudolu – Assistant Manager

Favourite Thing About Qamea: It is home and with guests from all over the world coming here, it is like I am on a world tour everyday! I learn new things about people and places where they come from plus the other places they have been – depending on what takes them there – sometimes work or just having a holiday.

Must Do or See: Dive if you a diver  or learn to dive if you have not tried diving – we have the best spots in the world! Secondly Village Tour to experience firsthand the people and what Fiji Time is all about.

Favourite Food: Fish anyway it is done – it is so fresh!

Advice for Anyone Visiting Qamea: When packing make sure you mix pack – his clothes in her suitcase and vice versa! This way it saves the hassle of one having nothing when one bag does not arrive. Secondly jandles (flip flops as we call them in Fiji) is a must.